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5 reasons why Detroit may be the next big tech hub

Detroit can rise up from the ashes with an investment in technology. Here’s why. Continue reading

How to become a trusted information resource for journalists

How to earn journalists’ trust and keep them coming back to you for stories. Continue reading

The next chapter: Aaron Endré, freelance strategist

I’m excited to announce that I am beginning down a new path: devoting myself full-time to developing marketing communications strategy for innovative tech startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. That’s right, I’m going solo. Continue reading

4 ways to avoid being selfish and inconsiderate with phone-calling in 2013

Calling someone on the phone is inherently selfish and inconsiderate. But people still do it. In 2013, memorize these four ways to ensure that you’re calling for all the right reasons. Continue reading

Is BYOD/CoIT making IT admins an endangered species?

Is the consumerization of IT the end of IT as we know it? Some say cloud infrastructure will render IT admins obsolete in a few years. But it’s not that simple. Continue reading

Searching sucks. Fortunately, predictive ‘push’ will kill it.

Searching sucks. Fortunately, it won’t be around much longer. Continue reading

Social media platforms are memes, too

Just by it’s very nature, social media is fast-moving. Viral content spreads rapidly but is tempered by the fickle, ADHD readers that consume it: what is hot now might not be hot in a week/day/hour. We get busy. We get bored. We lose interest. Well, the same is true for the platforms themselves. Social media platforms are also memes. Continue reading

The Importance of the “Bridge” in Your Social Network

Part of what makes the combination of globalization and social networking so amazing is that it has the ability to connect previously unconnected groups of people.  What was already socially organic in the real world, ie. a person meets someone and becomes involved with the groups and communities the person belongs to, and vice versa, … Continue reading

A Glimpse into the Future of Television

Thanks to Toshiba, LG, and the Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve gotten a glimpse into the future of TV.  And three themes seem to be the focus: “Ultrathin”, “3D”, and “Connected”. The Anorexic LG HD TV The yet-to-be-named HD TV shown above was debuted by LG at CES this week.  It comes in at under seven … Continue reading

Goodbye, newspapers and books

The Skiff is the new kid in town Now, I’m not an e-reader kind of guy.  Don’t get me wrong — I think the Kindle is cool and all, but I have always been waiting for the paper-thin, flexible, digital ink newspaper/book that I can fold up and put in my pocket.  Well, it still … Continue reading

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