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Would Americans overthrow the government?

No, we’d much rather just complain

As I noted previously, 80% of Americans don’t believe that the government can be successful.  By and large, we Americans believe that the government is broken.  Yet, we still maintain that America is the best country in the world.  We don’t have nearly the best education system, nor healthcare system, nor justice system.  But, apparently, we’re still the best.  We don’t have totally equal rights for women, for gay people, for minorities.  We don’t have the highest standard of living.  We don’t have a strong economy (right now).  But– WE’RE STILL THE BEST!

I’m curious, given our dissatisfaction with the government and the way the country is run, why we still believe that America is the best country in the world.  Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of great things about this country…but I still think that the zealous patriotism espoused by many Americans is little uncalled for.

In one breath a person can begrudge the government for screwing up everything in his life: his kids’ classroom size; the cost of his prescriptions; the cost of his mortgage; the price of gas; the taxing of this or that; his 401K account balance; his job security; his marriage; the weather; and so on and so forth — and still proclaim from the highest purple mountain’s majesty that America is the best country in the world.  How is that?  Are we loyal to our government — the American “way of life” — for no good reason?

If we’re not the greatest country in the world (how is that defined?!), would we revolt like so many before us have?  If every last person in this country believed that the government is broken beyond repair, would we take up arms? Would we march on Washington and demand the dissolution of Congress? Burn the Constitution and start fresh?  Cede and start a new, better country?

No, I don’t think we would.  We’ve lost that revolutionary spirit.  We’re too preoccupied, distracted, busy; we have given up and given in.  Of course we have: American Idol is on.


4 thoughts on “Would Americans overthrow the government?

  1. This is a great post, I love the fact that we can agree on much of what you have posted. I too am one that hopes something is coming. I dont see a revolution that goes as far as burning the constitution but yes something is building in this country. Those that chose to ignore it will watch it pass them right by.

    Posted by cgrable0875 | March 3, 2010, 2:34 pm
  2. Wow, that’s a helluva post. First time I’ve ever actually looked at your site, though I read most of your updates on Facebook. I often joke about the revolution coming, sometimes I even secretly hope for it. I’m afraid it wouldn’t have enough support, and it would die aborning. I’m looking forward to reading some more of these.

    Posted by Nick | June 1, 2010, 5:44 pm
  3. Not only is the govenrment broken, but it is each persons right to, “get rid” of any government that becomes harmful to the people. It is in the constitution (i did actually read it in there, cant recall which ammendment (may have been original and not an amendment – as more time allows, ill see if I can get a link in here – else go find it for yourself).

    This government is harmful to the people, and those people are now so disscontent, that in some places, are forming their own militias (7 people from a militia were arrested last month), and are activly recruiting. Unfortunately, the “government” got wind of it, and those 7 were arrested on the pretense that they were organising an assisination and a bombing (give me a break).

    my point is, as long as the government keeps creating this divide, and expanding the distance between themselves and the people, the worse it is going to get, and if the people wint exercise their right to remove the government, more militias will grown, link up, and make them get out, which in its own right couls turn this country to a dictatorship.

    thats my 2 cents, but I truely believe in the above, and see more of it come to life, and I think im my lifetime, we will see the goverment removed, and move to a more state managed system, with no central point of giovenment.


    Posted by Jason, "DeVoiD" Houghton | June 2, 2010, 2:16 pm
  4. apologies for my spelling above… you get the gist!

    Posted by Jason, "DeVoiD" Houghton | June 2, 2010, 2:19 pm

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