Hello! I’m Aaron Endré: technologist, communicator, rebel, poet, and wearer of bow ties. My focus is helping founders bring sexy back to business-to-business and enterprise tech.

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Making enterprise tech sexy is no easy task and it involves a holistic strategy. I develop effective, award-winning integrated marketing and public relations strategies and ensure maximum impact by marrying domain expertise and strong writing to create compelling stories that convey brand identity and core value propositions. And that’s just scratching the surface.

I’ve worked with dozens of companies, large and small, public and private. Here are just a few rockstars:

7PARK DATA — 7Park Data’s platform leverages an international panel of millions of iOS and Android users to deliver meaningful and actionable insights into mobile app usage and engagement with unparalleled granularity and scale.

SAPHO — Built by a CIO for CIOs, Sapho delivers actionable enterprise events and information using push notifications and personalized streams, enabling enterprises to extract maximum value from their software investments.

SCANDIT — Scandit is a platform that turns mobile devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanners for employees and consumers.

HELPSHIFT — Helpshift is the world’s first mobile help desk, powering customer service for hundreds of mobile applications and increasing customer satisfaction for millions of mobile customers.

ONAVO (Acquired by Facebook, Oct 2013) — Onavo is the first mobile market intelligence service based on real user engagement data.

SIGNPOST — Signpost is a cloud-based platform that automatically creates and optimizes business profiles across dozens of popular websites and mobile apps, and automates customer conversion and remarketing to dramatically increase new and repeat sales.

SKIMLINKS — Skimlinks is the leading content monetization platform that rewards publishers for the role their content plays in creating purchase intent.

TECHVALIDATE — TechValidate is a web-based marketing content automation software platform that enables B2B organizations to auto-generate a wide range of marketing content, all sourced directly from their customers.

TELERIVET — Telerivet makes it easy for organizations to easily create, launch and manage an SMS service that runs on any mobile network anywhere in the world.

It’s said that PR people are only as good as the publications in which they’ve gotten editorial. So, to validate my existence, here goes: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, Forbes, USA Today, WIRED, Financial Times, Re/code, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Bloomberg Businessweek, GigaOM, ReadWrite, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Informationweek, Computerworld, Network Computing, CRN, Processor, eWeek, Crunchgear, Slashgear, Macworld, PCWorld, Infostor, and many more.

By all means, please explore my site and if your interest is piqued, GET IN TOUCH. There’s no break it/buy it policy. (Unless you actually do break my website, then — oof — substantial repercussions are in your future.)

And if we run into each other on the streets of San Francisco, please say hello!


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