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5 keys for tech startup PR success

Over the past decade I’ve worked with dozens of startups from seed/stealth, growth-stage (Series A/B), and all the way through acquisition by some of the biggest tech companies, including Facebook, Oracle, Citrix, and more. One thing is true: no two startups are the same — and their needs will always be unique. PR strategies must … Continue reading

15 Steps for a Successful B2B/Enterprise Startup PR Launch

  I’ve launched dozens of startups and I’m the first to tell you that no two startup launches are ever the same — because no two startups are the same. Every PR launch strategy must be tailored to each unique startup and its goals in order to maximize results. This mere 2000-word post is not … Continue reading

Tech Buzzwords to Kill in 2019

Having done marketing and PR for a decade, I’m pretty good at spotting spin and hyperbole — but journalists, analysts, and observers (particularly if they are experts) are even better. Theranos was a painful reminder to Silicon Valley that you can’t take founders at their word with lofty claims and the media, to their credit, … Continue reading

The Record and the Leak

So you’re about to launch or share some big news with journalists — exciting! But how can you ensure you’re saying everything you need to say and nothing that you shouldn’t? Let’s talk about being “on the record” and “off the record”, what it means to share information “on background” and how and when you … Continue reading

Diplomacy. Or, how to get out of an awkward conversation

Awkward conversations are a part of life. You’ve likely had many. But today is different. It’s election day. So if you’ve managed to avoid awkward or infuriating conversations with Trump-supporting friends, relatives, or colleagues, you’re unlikely able to avoid it today. What can you do to reduce the pain — and end the conversation as quickly as possible … Continue reading

6 Tips For Effective Business Storytelling

For many entrepreneurs — especially technical founders of B2B and enterprise startups — storytelling does not always come easy. So here are five simple tips for telling an engaging story about your business. Continue reading

PR Stunts: Good or Evil?

We frequently hear about PR stunts, those campaigns that seek to capitalize on a moment in time for a person or company’s benefit. And when we see one, we usually groan. They can lead to boycotting, protesting, legal action, or worse. So, why would a company consider doing a PR stunt when they’re so risky? … Continue reading

77 F-Bombs: How Not to Talk to Media

4 media relations lessons learned from a 77 F-bomb filled rant. Continue reading

iPhone + international travel: 7 ways to effectively use wifi and roaming cellular data while traveling

International travel is great. Figuring out how to use your phone while abroad (without breaking the bank) can be tricky. Here are seven tips to help you get the most out of your plan. Continue reading

Tech Boom Is Creating A Paradise For Marketers In San Francisco

The job outlook is bright. Continue reading

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