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3 essential Gmail tools that will make your life exponentially easier

Email hasn’t changed much in 20 years. Fortunately, these new tools, widgets, and extensions will make your life much easier—and possibly even clear out your inbox! Continue reading


5 reasons why Detroit may be the next big tech hub

Detroit can rise up from the ashes with an investment in technology. Here’s why. Continue reading

Paula Deen to Prop 8: when major brands take a (political) stand

When brands take sides, their customers are forced to make a decision: where do I stand and where do I spend my money? Sometimes taking a stand can pay off—and sometimes it can backfire. Continue reading

How to become a trusted information resource for journalists

How to earn journalists’ trust and keep them coming back to you for stories. Continue reading

The Importance of Embracing Abundance

Is it possible that competition doesn’t really exist? Continue reading

The next chapter: Aaron Endré, freelance strategist

I’m excited to announce that I am beginning down a new path: devoting myself full-time to developing marketing communications strategy for innovative tech startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. That’s right, I’m going solo. Continue reading

Don’t hang up: 4 things to keep in mind when calling someone

Calling someone on the phone is inherently selfish and inconsiderate. But people still do it. In 2013, memorize these four ways to ensure that you’re calling for all the right reasons. Continue reading

Homophobia in San Francisco: Yellow Cabs won’t let gay people ride

So you thought San Francisco was free of homophobia. Think again: San Francisco Yellow Cabs will force LGBT riders to get out…and taxpayers are paying for it. Continue reading

5 Reasons why NASA budget cuts are killing America [Infographics]

The United States government isn’t investing in space exploration or related sciences—and it’s killing America. Continue reading

Generation Millennial: The power and potential of America’s youngest workers

Now, I’ve talked before about Gen X vs. Gen Y in the workplace and how it relates to decision making and innovation…and I’ve talked about how growing up in the “lost decade” has actually helped Millennials/Gen Y. But maybe this new infographic from the MBA program at UNC Kenan-Flagler says it all…

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