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Paula Deen to Prop 8: when major brands take a (political) stand

When brands take sides, their customers are forced to make a decision: where do I stand and where do I spend my money? Sometimes taking a stand can pay off—and sometimes it can backfire. Continue reading

Homophobia in San Francisco: Yellow Cabs won’t let gay people ride

So you thought San Francisco was free of homophobia. Think again: San Francisco Yellow Cabs will force LGBT riders to get out…and taxpayers are paying for it. Continue reading

NC Rep. Virginia Foxx: Matthew Shepard Murder a “Hoax”

What is perhaps most disgraceful about this small tirade crafted by North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx at a packed House hearing about the (ultimately passed) hate crimes bill was that Mrs. Shepard, Matthew’s mother, watched in horror as her son’s murder was trivialized and called a hoax. Continue reading

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