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The Record and the Leak

So you’re about to launch or share some big news with journalists — exciting! But how can you ensure you’re saying everything you need to say and nothing that you shouldn’t? Let’s talk about being “on the record” and “off the record”, what it means to share information “on background” and how and when you … Continue reading

6 Tips For Effective Business Storytelling

For many entrepreneurs — especially technical founders of B2B and enterprise startups — storytelling does not always come easy. So here are five simple tips for telling an engaging story about your business. Continue reading

77 F-Bombs: How Not to Talk to Media

4 media relations lessons learned from a 77 F-bomb filled rant. Continue reading

Tech Boom Is Creating A Paradise For Marketers In San Francisco

The job outlook is bright. Continue reading

Is the Sony hack one big PR stunt?

Did Sony fake its hack to gain publicity for The Interview and Crackle? Continue reading

Paula Deen to Prop 8: when major brands take a (political) stand

When brands take sides, their customers are forced to make a decision: where do I stand and where do I spend my money? Sometimes taking a stand can pay off—and sometimes it can backfire. Continue reading

How to become a trusted information resource for journalists

How to earn journalists’ trust and keep them coming back to you for stories. Continue reading

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