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Social media platforms are memes, too

Just by it’s very nature, social media is fast-moving. Viral content spreads rapidly but is tempered by the fickle, ADHD readers that consume it: what is hot now might not be hot in a week/day/hour. We get busy. We get bored. We lose interest. Well, the same is true for the platforms themselves. Social media platforms are also memes. Continue reading

The Importance of the “Bridge” in Your Social Network

Part of what makes the combination of globalization and social networking so amazing is that it has the ability to connect previously unconnected groups of people.  What was already socially organic in the real world, ie. a person meets someone and becomes involved with the groups and communities the person belongs to, and vice versa, … Continue reading

Step Aside Information Age, the Attention Age is Here

Welcome to the Attention Age. The Information Overload Age. The age of human history in which information has become so abundant and readily available that attention has become the greatest commodity. Continue reading

iPhone Users are Slaves to ATT

ATT has severely damaged their brand by ignoring the complaints of their furious iPhone constituency. Can the company recover? If you’re an iPhone user, do you plan on keeping AT&T as your service provider once the exclusivity agreement ends? What are your thoughts? Continue reading

Gen X vs. Gen Y: Decision-Makers vs. Innovators

Is it really one or the other? An article today by Steven Walling entitled, “Forget Gen Y: Gen X is Making Real Change” got me thinking, why are Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers at war in the workplace? Walling’s article is nothing more than an attempt to bully and patronize Gen Y-ers into thinking that … Continue reading

The Pitfall of Not Posting

We all deal with writer’s block for blogs–or “blogger’s block”. These are the top five excuses people give for months of inactivity on their blog and the top five ways to combat them. Continue reading

How I (Accidentally) Pissed Off Carson Daly

How I accidentally pissed off Carson Daly and the Founder of Tweeple Magazine today. Then made them my friends. Continue reading

Which Tweets Matter to a Company?

These days every company wants to have a social media presence. Here’s what you can do to effectively manage your brand in 5 easy steps. Continue reading

Twitter vs. Facebook Status Updates

When explaining what Twitter is it’s often tempting to compare it to Facebook’s beloved “status update”. Stop. Just stop it now. You’re not doing the Twitterverse any favors. Continue reading

7 Tech Bloggers…

7 Tech Bloggers who will Listen to you. This is a short tribute to those bloggers who care about their readers and make themselves accessible. Continue reading

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