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15 Steps for a Successful B2B/Enterprise Startup PR Launch

  I’ve launched dozens of startups and I’m the first to tell you that no two startup launches are ever the same — because no two startups are the same. Every PR launch strategy must be tailored to each unique startup and its goals in order to maximize results. This mere 2000-word post is not … Continue reading

Tech Buzzwords to Kill in 2019

Having done marketing and PR for a decade, I’m pretty good at spotting spin and hyperbole — but journalists, analysts, and observers (particularly if they are experts) are even better. Theranos was a painful reminder to Silicon Valley that you can’t take founders at their word with lofty claims and the media, to their credit, … Continue reading

Diplomacy. Or, how to get out of an awkward conversation

Awkward conversations are a part of life. You’ve likely had many. But today is different. It’s election day. So if you’ve managed to avoid awkward or infuriating conversations with Trump-supporting friends, relatives, or colleagues, you’re unlikely able to avoid it today. What can you do to reduce the pain — and end the conversation as quickly as possible … Continue reading

PR Stunts: Good or Evil?

We frequently hear about PR stunts, those campaigns that seek to capitalize on a moment in time for a person or company’s benefit. And when we see one, we usually groan. They can lead to boycotting, protesting, legal action, or worse. So, why would a company consider doing a PR stunt when they’re so risky? … Continue reading

Driving toward pretirement (and why young people should avoid 401ks)

I got to thinking, what can young people do to maximize their future wealth without compromising their current lifestyle? And it involved doing the unthinkable: throwing the 401k plan under the bus. Continue reading

I Grew Up in “The Lost Decade”

And it somehow gave me direction Ah, my childhood. According to a Washington Post article entitled, “Aughts were a lost decade for the U.S. economy, workers”: The U.S. economy has expanded at a healthy clip for most of the last 70 years, but by a wide range of measures, it stagnated in the first decade … Continue reading

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