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Would Americans overthrow the government?

No, we’d much rather just complain As I noted previously, 80% of Americans don’t believe that the government can be successful.  By and large, we Americans believe that the government is broken.  Yet, we still maintain that America is the best country in the world.  We don’t have nearly the best education system, nor healthcare … Continue reading

iPhone Users are Slaves to ATT

ATT has severely damaged their brand by ignoring the complaints of their furious iPhone constituency. Can the company recover? If you’re an iPhone user, do you plan on keeping AT&T as your service provider once the exclusivity agreement ends? What are your thoughts? Continue reading

“Singing loudly and without restraint”

A poem called “Singing loudly and without restraint” Continue reading

Women Drink and Drive

Sure, M.A.D.D. would have you believe that the only drunks on the road are men. But according to a new study by the Department of Transportation, impaired driving among women is up 30% and down 7.5% among men. Continue reading

Maine Becomes the 5th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

10% of the U.S. Conquered, 90% to go If you didn’t hear the news today, Maine became the fifth U.S. state (sixth if you count the brief time that it was legal in California before Proposition 8 passed) to legalize same-sex marriage, and the third this year alone. I really enjoy looking at the map … Continue reading

NC Rep. Virginia Foxx: Matthew Shepard Murder a “Hoax”

What is perhaps most disgraceful about this small tirade crafted by North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx at a packed House hearing about the (ultimately passed) hate crimes bill was that Mrs. Shepard, Matthew’s mother, watched in horror as her son’s murder was trivialized and called a hoax. Continue reading

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