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Paula Deen to Prop 8: when major brands take a (political) stand

When brands take sides, their customers are forced to make a decision: where do I stand and where do I spend my money? Sometimes taking a stand can pay off—and sometimes it can backfire. Continue reading


5 Reasons why NASA budget cuts are killing America [Infographics]

The United States government isn’t investing in space exploration or related sciences—and it’s killing America. Continue reading

Here’s the truth: America isn’t the best country in the world

Around this time every year, Americans love to praise the US for being the master of the universe. But let’s just drop the bullshit and do something actually patriotic: admit our failings and find a way to fix ’em. Continue reading

A Day To Remember

I have never seen so many people inspired and unified. That will be my favorite memory of this day, when Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America. Continue reading

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