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Tech Boom Is Creating A Paradise For Marketers In San Francisco

The job outlook is bright. Continue reading


The Importance of the “Bridge” in Your Social Network

Part of what makes the combination of globalization and social networking so amazing is that it has the ability to connect previously unconnected groups of people.  What was already socially organic in the real world, ie. a person meets someone and becomes involved with the groups and communities the person belongs to, and vice versa, … Continue reading

A Glimpse into the Future of Television

Thanks to Toshiba, LG, and the Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve gotten a glimpse into the future of TV.  And three themes seem to be the focus: “Ultrathin”, “3D”, and “Connected”. The Anorexic LG HD TV The yet-to-be-named HD TV shown above was debuted by LG at CES this week.  It comes in at under seven … Continue reading

Goodbye, newspapers and books

The Skiff is the new kid in town Now, I’m not an e-reader kind of guy.  Don’t get me wrong — I think the Kindle is cool and all, but I have always been waiting for the paper-thin, flexible, digital ink newspaper/book that I can fold up and put in my pocket.  Well, it still … Continue reading

Telekinesis: Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Telekinesis and telepathic controlling of devices isn’t far off. In fact, the technology is already being used today by the disabled, by the military, even by teenage gamers. Continue reading

Step Aside Information Age, the Attention Age is Here

Welcome to the Attention Age. The Information Overload Age. The age of human history in which information has become so abundant and readily available that attention has become the greatest commodity. Continue reading

iVoyeurism: iPods and iPhones at the Gym

With the mass appeal of handheld devices with photo and video support, gyms and other sensitive areas are struggling to keep up with policing inappropriate use and voyeurism. Continue reading

Gen X vs. Gen Y: Decision-Makers vs. Innovators

Is it really one or the other? An article today by Steven Walling entitled, “Forget Gen Y: Gen X is Making Real Change” got me thinking, why are Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers at war in the workplace? Walling’s article is nothing more than an attempt to bully and patronize Gen Y-ers into thinking that … Continue reading

Overtime Pay For Off-Hours Email Checking?

The workplace of 2009 seems to be one where to workplace goes with you wherever you go. The question is should workers get compensated for it? Maybe the solution isn’t money, maybe it’s mutual flexibility. Continue reading

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